I T ' S   Y O U R   T I M E   T O   R U L E

My defensive espionage actions have enraged the Turks. To relieve political tensions, a contingent of Turkish emissaries recently traveled to Egypt seeking reparations. My representatives countered their diplomatic demands with a request to secede part of Turkish territory to Egypt. Displeased with this proposal, the Turks have begun to amass an army.

Explosives To shore up my empire's defenses against the Turkish threat, I have turned to my Persian allies. Their expertise in artillery and explosive devices is world-renowned. In exchange for their military know-how, I will offer them our trade secrets regarding railroad engineering.

Anti-Air Emplacements My comrades in Persia were more money-minded than I expected. They countered my offer by asking for a significant amount of gold in return for their military technology. I had no choice but to meet their demands. The exchange has been carried out. My military advisors have urged me to build anti-air emplacements to defend our cities against Turkey's bombers.

Cargo Helicopter We have been at war with Turkey for several punishing weeks. My forces bravely fought off their intense initial blitz. Then, at a key point, the tides turned in our favor--due mainly to our newly mobilized army, the centerpiece of which is our modern helicopter fleet. Reports of our successes in mechanized warfare continue to pour in from the front.

Empire State Building Victory over Turkey has been declared. The war was hard-fought, but our military might soon proved to be indomitable. National pride is at an all-time high. Our military officers have become celebrated heroes. To commemorate our triumph, we will soon begin construction on what is to be the tallest steel structure in the world. Its awe-inspiring architecture will symbolize our strength to an international audience.


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